Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17 2013

Hola mi familia!! 

This week has been just me and Elder Aragon working together because Elder Rupp left for Idaho. The anticipation for Mexico is definitely building and I'm so excited!!!!

I hope my emails don't become too long to enjoy haha there are just so many miracles to try to pack in! I guess we'll start with the good news....miracle baptism!!! I guess we should start again with the power of fast first. This week we fasted and prayed to be able to reach our baptism goal of 2 for this transfer. It was the lasty Sunday people could come to church to be baptized this transfer. Before we started our fast we had a dinner at a member's home. One of the members sisters came up to us and simply said, "Me quiero bautizar" (I want to get baptized). What???? Soo crazy!!! The Lord was blessing us to reach our goal even before we began fasting! To make it even more crazy her niece also said she wants to get baptized! We thought "wow it was that easy??" Turns out the neices dad wants her to wait until he gets home from working in December, so that was definitely a bummer. But still, I thought people only walked up and asked to be baptized in Latin America....I guess the Lord is just teasing me before I get to go to Mexico. It was such a miracle and we should have her baptism this Sunday! Her name is Alicia.

After we actually began our fast we saw more miracles. We were fasting Sunday morning for our investigators and to reach our goal. Sacrament was starting and still no investigators.....such a let down. I was expecting them all to show but as we sang the opening hymn no one was there. I was passing out programs at the door when I saw across the chapel Elder Aragon walking in....followed by Adrian!!!! He had to leave work for an hour to be able to come and left for work right after sacrament, but it was soooo cool that he came!! He really enjoyed it and I intorduced him to our bishop and we were able to talk a bit about it. Since he came he can still get baptized this month on the 29th!!! HE just has to come the next 2 Sundays and all is well. It is honestly so exciting to see people keep commitments, especially when in answer to prayers. 

I used to think missionaries only got pumped for baptisms because it was a number, but its not even that at all. We only set goals to motivate ourselves to work hard, but they really are people that need our help and I could care less about numbers. I love being a missionary and with more obedience we have been seeing His hand more and more every day. 

I could go on forever with stories, but I guess I should save some of those to share in 2 years haha. This week has been kinda stormy and we actually lost power on night as Elder Rupp was packing all of his stuff haha. I've been eating crazy good and nothing too crazy until last night. I was eating this tasty soup and all of a sudden I saw something a bit weird.....a chicken foot!!!! it was sooo weird and I got a little weirded out after that haha. We eat mainly Mexican food with the occasional pizza when people forget that they signed up to feed us ahha. It always reminds me of when the missionaries would stop by for dinner and we totally spaced! Like that one time that I took them to Carmens for dinner haha. Just 1 more P-day here in Ogden and then it's off to Mexico. It's definitely been a fun time here in Utah and I look forward to enjoying the next 12 days or so :)

Hope all is well back home and school is going well for everyone. So sick that Elder Cullum heads out soon! He'll beat me to Mexico by a few days!!! 

Mucho amor a todos,

Elder Connell  

Chicken foot noodle soup....yum!!!!!!

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