Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3rd 2013

Missions are so rad! We had 1 investigator come to church on Sunday named Alberto, and we want to try and help him be prepared for baptism either this Sunday or the next one! The spirit felt watching Alberto sit and ponder in Sacrament meeting, especially during the sacrament was so powerful. I know that he is ready and just needs to take some steps to get to baptism. Rosario didn't show up to church which was a super bummer, and then when we went to visit him that night he was drunk! Ahh some people just don't get it! haha but patience is a really big part of missionary work. My companions and I are definitely getting along a lot better and really coming to enjoy each other's company. There is just something special about each of them and I know I am with them through revelation by the mission pres. If you guys ever have any questions you can totally write me an email or letter and I can try to answer any questions you have! 

Each and every day I realize a little bit more why I was reassigned here to Ogden. Just small conversations we have with people and things I am able to share. There was one or 2 that really stood out to me that I would like to share. We went a knocked some random apartments and this girl named Devin answered the door. We talked to her for a bit (in english) and answered some questions she had about horns on our head and tons of other weird rumors. We then met her boyfriend Corey who lives with her, and he is actually a Less-Active member of the church. Devin has been baptized in 3 different churches in the past year so she's not very into having official lessons, but she loved talking to us so they invited us in. 

We got to talking about church and just getting to know them. Corey said that he went less active because of some dumb choices and has just been too scared to go back. He feels like he is going to be judged and then never want to come back. I shared some stuff about when I started going back to church and me and Corey just immediately got along so well. While he was talking he just randomly stopped and looked at me and said, "I feel like you actually understand me because you've been in my shoes before." Yeah! I then felt like a should share my story and it just came out so smoothly and I could see the Spirit working on him. It was so comfortable to share a story that I normally wouldn't share with someone I JUST met, but I knew I was supposed to. 

Later as we were talking with Devin some more, she was asking me some questions about RCA and stuff and then came probably one of the coolest parts of the night. She said yeah thanks for sharing that, Corey actually went to one of those places when he was a teenager....I just knew without a doubt that THAT was exactly why I was prompted to share my story. I know that there are people here prepared for me and I need to work really hard to find them before I have to leave for Mexico. I actually think i'll be super bummed when I leave because I've already had so many great experiences here. It really doesn't matter where you serve, the joy of helping others and doing as Christ would do is the whole point of a mission. I am becoming so much more converted to missionary work and it's leading to growth in myself and obedience as a companionship. It doesn't matter how tired I am or how far we have had to walk, NOTHING I will do in the next 2 years will even come close to the walk Christ took to Calvary to be crucified for us. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to bear his name on my chest for the next 2 years and act in his place.  

Keep an eye out for people you know who are ready for the gospel. Just because you don't have a name tag on your chest doesn't mean you can't start up a conversation and tie it in to the gospel. Much love to all of you and definitely keep writing me and keeping me up to date!!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Connell

We are commanded to teach the gospel to every creature....gotta be obedient!!!!

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