Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 24th 2013

Well, Ogden definitely wanted to send me to Mexico with an exciting last couple of weeks haha! I guess I'll start off by letting you all know that the Lord protects his servants!!! Even from black BMWs flying down a mian road and not seeing a line of cars stopped.....mission car totalled. Yes, I was driving ha. We were just sitting there and she hit us going about 40 mph and it was a loud and hard impact. The car is totalled and so is hers, but all of us missionaries are fine. She came out and hat cuts and bruises but not a single scratch on any of us. We were truly being watched over!!!

Elder Aragon and I were walking down that same main road later, and I felt like we should cross the street, but we kept walking straight anyways. This guy came up to us and asked us if we could help him because he lost his job. The only thing is he was supperrrrrr DRUNK haha. He was really funny for a while but then he kept drinking and things turned for the worst. He really liekd Aragon's tie and really wanted it. So bad that he grabbed Aragons tie and threatened to kill him for it! His neighbor was there and helped us out and told us to just walk away, so we did. All good....until we turn around and see him chasing after us! He chased us for 2 blocks down this main road. Then he threatened to kick me in the nuts if Aragon didnt give him his tie!!!! Long story cut short, we eventually got away and all is well haha. Protected once again!!!

Besides crazy adventures we also had some crazy sweet spiritual experiences. Alicia was baptized!!!!!! It was so exciting seeing her get ready and have her feel so ready. She has been waiting for 8 years and finally has mad the changes in order to be ready...and now she's clean!!! There was a big turnout which I know helped her a lot. The spirit was so strong and she just looked so happy. I was so glad to be able to help someone enter the waters of baptism while I was here in Ogden. 

Another great experience was with an investigators we found named Joel, Venely and their 2 kids. He was so prepared and was very curious and receptive about our message. We taught him about the power of the atonement and a short lesson we call here the 5 Essentials. We talk about: Our purpose, the Holy Ghost, The atonement, baptism, and invite them to act in someway. We discussed all these with him and he was super interested. At the beginning of the lesson he flat out told us he didnt want to be baptized, but at the end he agreed that we would all work for him to be ready for the 13th of October!!!! He even came to a baptism we had on Thursday and he said he really liked it. The only thing is, that we found out a couple days later that he isnt married to Venely like we assumed they were! So we'll work on that and I know they are still totally being prepared to make covenants and changes. 

We've had the opportunity to work with a couple of great Less-active families. One is the Gastelum family and we had a family night with them and were able to bless their home before we left and it was way cool. I got to try and do it in Spanish, and at least it brought the spirit!! :) The other family is the Cordova's, who I have talked about before. The dad is now officially active and we have had some really good Family Night's with them. They are always super kind and show us so much love. Definitely one of my favorite families in the ward, and it has been great working with them. 

It has been so awesome to serve here in Ogden, but I am also sooooo stoked to go to Mexico!!!! I leave at 8:40 next Monday morning!!!!! much love to all and I hope all is well. P.S. Elder Cullum....good luck down in Mexico and in Tennessee!!!!!!! It'll be cool knowing you, Parker and I will all be in Mexico at the same time!!!!

Mucho amor,

Elder Connell
Alicia at her baptism.
From left to Right: Guzman, Folkman, Escobar, yo, Aragon, Wright

La Familia Cordova

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